Cloudflare Rate Limit when viewing Dashboard Cloudflare Rate Limit when viewing Dashboard

Cloudflare Rate Limit when viewing Dashboard

Joel Watson Joel Watson

All requests to the Doppler dashboard go through Cloudflare to help protect against malicious attacks on the site. Part of that includes a rate limit for requests being made to help prevent our service from being overwhelmed. Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in a temporary IP ban that blocks you from accessing the site under some conditions. If you're seeing an Error 1015 page as seen below, then you've hit such a temporary ban:

The ban is temporary and should clear up for you shortly after you hit it. Usually, this rate limit is hit by having a large number of tabs to our dashboard open. Right now, there's a polling request on the dashboard for Rotated Secrets (whether you have any or not) that is low enough that it doesn't cause issues typically, but if you have a lot of tabs open it can trip this rate limit. We have plans to improve this polling to prevent that from happening, but in the mean time keeping the number of tabs you have open to a handful should help prevent you from hitting this.

It's important to note that the ban is by IP address, so if you're working from a large office where many people are accessing the Doppler dashboard under the same IP address, this could potentially cause you to hit this more frequently. If this is happening to you, please open a support ticket and we'll see how we can assist you.

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