Changing Your Account Email Address Changing Your Account Email Address

Changing Your Account Email Address

Joel Watson Joel Watson

You can change the email address on your account so long as you didn't sign up using Google or GitHub SSO. If you signed in via SSO, then these options will be hidden. If you didn't, then the following steps should work.

  1. Open your Account Settings by clicking on your Avatar in the top right corner of the page and choosing Account.
  2. Edit your email address to what you want it to change to.

  3. Click the Save button.

After doing that, you should see some new text indicating that the change is pending verification:

The verification email is sent to the new email address that you're trying to change to, so go check that inbox and follow the verification link in the email. Once you've done that, your account should update to use the new email address.


Since Workplaces are independent constructs that aren't tied to a specific account, you can also accomplish this by simply creating a new account and inviting it as an owner on the workplace:

  1. Create a new account using your new email address.

  2. Login using your original account and invite the new account to your Workplace.

  3. Set the new account as an Owner.

  4. Login using your new account and remove the old account from the Workplace.

  5. Delete your old account.

Any credits or discounts you may have will be retained because they're associated with the Workplace and not your user account.

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