Resetting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) Resetting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA / 2FA)

Resetting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA / 2FA)

Joel Watson Joel Watson

Unfortunately, there's currently no way for us to reset MFA on an account. We've decided against allowing this due to the potential security implications removing MFA from an account has. If there's no way to regain access to the MFA device used and you don't have any Recovery Codes, then the only course of action available is to have an Owner user remove your user account from the workplace and create a new account under a different email address.

Recovery Code creation was added to the process for enabling MFA on an account in November 2021, but any users who enabled it prior to when Recovery Codes were available can manually generate them from their Account settings, which are accessible via the user avatar link in the top right corner of the dashboard. After clicking there, choose the Account option. Once on the Account settings page, scroll down to the Multi-Factor Authentication section and you should see Recovery Codes with a Generate link. We highly recommend checking with any developers you have who may have enabled MFA before Recovery Codes were added to make sure they generate and save them.

We apologize for the trouble this may cause you, but our goal is to keep user's account as secure as possible. Having a method for us to disable MFA on a user's account bypasses the very security that option is designed to provide for the account. We hope to have a secure way for users to reset this in the future, but for now it isn't possible.

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