Client.Timeout Exceeded Errors Client.Timeout Exceeded Errors

Client.Timeout Exceeded Errors

Joel Watson Joel Watson

If the Doppler CLI exits with an error message containing Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers, you're likely unable to resolve the IP address of This can be caused by your WiFi router (e.g. Google WiFi), VPNs, proxies, and other network egress restrictions.


To resolve this issue, you can instruct the CLI to use a different DNS resolver than the one provided by your OS. This can be enabled in two ways.


Option 1: Use a Flag

This flag must be specified on every invocation.

doppler run --enable-dns-resolver -- your-app


Option 2: Use an Environment Variable


If you're still experiencing issues, add the --debug flag to your command and get in touch via our Community Forum or our in-product support.



Once enabled, you can configure the DNS resolver with the following flags.

Flag Description Default value

--dns-resolver-address string

address to use for DNS resolution

--dns-resolver-proto string

protocol to use for DNS resolution


--dns-resolver-timeout duration

max dns lookup duration


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